Little Parade



In these newly formatted classes your child will be singing, chanting, moving, dancing, exploring rhythm, and using their imagination! We use music to learn, bond and grow together.

These classes are the best way to nurture a child’s natural ability to learn, especially through active music making. These classes are designed to promote cognitive development and cultivate early literacy skills.
You can also explore the same music experience in the Spanish Language!

(Please refer to our class schedule below for times.)

Mr. Dave Music







Mr Dave Music

 You can also find Little Parade at Mr. Dave Music in Wicker Park. If you find this a better fitting, you can register for our class directly through their website. Click the registration link below.

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm | Register here
Thursdays at 12:15 pm | Register here

What parents have said:

"Excellent and talented children's musician! Miss Karla is by far the best musician, both musically and how she interacts with the children. I think many children's musicians can be good technically, vocally and instrumentally, but it also takes an additional necessary skill to know how to interact and appeal to an audience that is most unpredictable and at an age where it is the most rapid rate of cognitive, social, and emotional growth and development. I'd highly recommend having your toddler be exposed to music with Miss Karla of Little Parade."

— Parent, Esther L

“Little Parade’s Spanish Music Class is excellent! Miss Karla is amazing at engaging every little one and making sure everyone is having fun! It is just a wonderful environment and we’re already looking forward to our next class!”

— Parent, Ginny D

“The songs and activities are appropriate for little ones. I highly recommend this class. It is the perfect length of time for toddlers, uses different types of props and instruments to keep the imagination of the whole class, and it is above all fun!!”

— Parent, Courtney G.

“Miss Karla is a natural. Kids love her and are instantly comfortable and engaging in her classes. I’ve seen major growth with my 1-year-old within the span of three classes that we’ve attended. The music is catchy and easy to learn. We sing the songs all week long!”

— Parent, Alisha C