Little Parade


It all started very early on…

when Karla began caring for children and their development as a nanny. Nannying really is what set her on the path of Early Childhood Music teaching. reading, and singing to kids came naturally but it wasn’t until she was exposed to music classes did she discover her “dream job”.

It was the summer of 2016 that with the help of her husband Gabe and certification from MusikGarten, Karla brought Little Parade to life. She offered free music classes for the first month to practice and find her footing and thankfully it’s been a continual climb ever since. Little Parade went on to teach classes at various daycares, studios, coffee shops, and kids events; meeting wonderful people all along the way.

Writing and recording children’s music with Gabe from home was also equally valuable as they both desired to produce quality children’s music for both child and parent to enjoy. By the end of Little Parade’s first year of business they released their debut album “Lalala”.

Gathering families together and watching them learn, grow and bond is the sweetest experience. Gabe and Karla believe in building a strong foundation for the next generation and desire to continue to work towards doing that.

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