Good Manner Coffee


It was the fall of 2014…

when Ray + Alisha decided to invest in a small table top roaster after receiving a heap of encouraging words from family and friends. They shared a mutual love for coffee and people so they began to dream about what would soon become Good Manner Coffee. They got to work and started roasting (to order), packaging, and shipping from their home.

A few months after starting Good Manner Coffee everything came to an abrupt halt when they found out they were expecting their first child and that Alisha would be completely sick when even talking about coffee. That time gave them a chance to refocus and refine their craft.

January 2016 they launched their online shop and continued to roast, package, and ship from home. When they weren’t fulfilling orders they were serving their coffee for free at various art-focused events, galleries, music events, and community-focused events. The times they got to connect with their customers was what helped them realize the aspect of coffee that they truly love the most— service.

Today they face a new chapter with room for growth and plenty opportunity to serve their customers personally on a daily basis.